I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado which has given me a love of 14,000-foot peaks, skiing, snowboarding and the Broncos.

I’m currently a student at WashU in St. Louis. I just started my junior year and am planning to graduate a semester early with a major in Economics and a minor in CS.

This summer I worked on the Growth team for a startup in San Francisco called Siftery (check it out). I am also currently the Director of Tech & Strategy for Cardsblog, and I am a leader of the Ed Surge Independent Cohort.

I am currently most interested in reading, sports, education, food, and fitness.

I started dabbling in writing, I am working on a running goal (2 miles in 10 minutes), I want to become better at building things, and I want to read more philosophy.

Have any book recommendations, interesting projects, or just want to chat?

Don’t hesitate to reach me at noadelstein@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.